Soap to Web Api with Jason Lattimer

Jason Lattimer Episode 48: Markus Erlandsson talks to Jason Lattimer from PowerObjects about moving from Soap to Web Api, using his tool Crm Rest Builder and other ways of.

Jason Lattimer is a 4 time Microsoft Dynamcis CRM MVP and maker of several CRM utilities and devlopment tools.

CRM REST Builder, Jason Lattimer on Git Hub

Develop for Dynamics 365 with George Doubinski

George Doubinski Episode 47 were Markus Erlandsson talks to George Doubinski about how to develop for Dynamics 365 and what is new. They are going all over the place and talks about everything from Fields Service via Customer Insights to Data Export and Editable Grids.

George Doubinski is a 9th time CRM MVP specialising in all things difficult. If you cannot find him online poking or, it must be a rare occasion when he sleeps, spends time with his family or travels from A to B.

What’s new for developers: Microsoft Dynamics 365, XRM Tools and XRM tooling

Dynamics 365 First View with Philip Verlinden

Philip Verlinden Episode 46 where Markus Erlandsson talks to Philip Verlinden from Microsoft Consulting Services about the new Dynamics 365, and what he is excited about. He works at Microsoft but here he gives his personal views on these topics.

Philip is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Senior Consultant @ Dynamics Domain, Azure aficionado, proud father and partner, passionately working @ Microsoft

Microsofts Live Event on Dynamics 365, Summary blog post on live event, Microsoft Integration RoadmapProject Madeira Preview, Microsoft Azure Pack Overview, Microsoft Azure Pack featuresMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Online patterns & principles for solution buildersMicrosoft Business Intelligence – our reporting roadmap

Certified for CRM with Andre Margono

Andre MargonoEpisode 45: Markus Erlandsson talks to Andre Margono from Barhead Solutions. How do I get Certified? Who can get Certified? Why should I get Certified? All questions are answered here!

Andre Margono is currently working as Solution Architect at Barhead Solutions and based in Melbourne, Australia. For the past 6 years he has been delivering CRM solutions for customers in Australia. Andre is a current Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP for his contribution in Dynamics CRM community and has been actively contributing through CRM User Group, Blogs and Forum since 2011.

Microsoft Learning (Booster Pack), Dynamics Certification List, Andre’s BlogCRM MB2-703 Study Guide (CRM 2013 Customization and Configuration), Melbourn User GroupDynamics Learning Portal, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization by Nicolae Tarla

Tools for productivity

Episode 44: Markus Erlandsson talks about tools to improve your productivity when developing for and administrating your Dynamics CRM organization

Software Development Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SDK Download, XrmToolBox, XrmToolkit (Crm Solution Manager), Diagnostics tool, Trace Reader

Tips and tricks for a CRM admin with Stephane Dorrekens

Stephane DorrekensEpisode 43: Markus Erlandsson talks to Stephane Dorrekens from Nerea about how you admin your Dynmics CRM System. Keep it running at full speed and with good data quality

Data PerformanceOrg InsightsCRMUG BeluxNerea Products, Pal Tool, Attachment Extractor

What’s new in Dynamics CRM 2016 and Update 1 with Gretchen Opferkew and Alex Fagundes

AlexFagundesGretchen OpferkewEpisode 42 where Markus Erlandsson talks to Gretchen Opferkew and Alex Fagundes from powerobjects about what’s new in Dynamics CRM 2016 and Update 1. Gretchen talks about learning paths and how you can learn faster. Alex talks about mobile client and sorts outs options for going offline and working with activities. Discussion continues with folder level tracking, Organization Insights dashboard and Power BI.

Organization Insights dashboard, Powerobjects Videos (POTV), Powerobjects on linkedin, Twitter

Designing Portal with Steve Webb

Steve Webb Episode 41 where Markus Erlandsson talks to Steve Webb from The Portal Connector and about the process of designing and creating a portal. What gets user acceptance happen. How to get started. Pitfalls to miss and what to consider.

The Portal Connector site, Things to ask, Case StudiesSteves Twitter, Steves LinkedIn

The Value of Marketing inside Dynamics CRM with Kristie Bylos

Kristie Bylos Episode 40 where Markus Erlandsson talks to Kristie Bylos from ClickDimensions about the value of marketing inside Dynamics CRM. Kristie talks about what the integrated story is with Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions, how to start automating. What kinds of values can I expect and the ROI of that. Success stories and pitfalls to avoid.

ClickDimensions, Idea conference, Merial Case B2C Email Marketing Programs

More mobile CRM with Ivan Stano

Ivan StanoEpisode 39 where Markus Erlandsson talks to Ivan Stano from Resco about their purchase of CWR Mobility and what you can expect from them in the future

Ivans mail
Resco acquires CWR mobile
Resco homepage