Learning Dynamics with Nancy Tandy

Nancy Tandy

Episode 110: Markus Erlandsson and Heidi Neuhauser have a chat with Nancy Tandy from Microsoft. They discuss learning opportunities on Microsoft Learn, certification process, Learn TV and Chuck Norris jokes. Nancy starts with listing some of the learning offerings from Microsoft, then she goes more into details about Learn TV and what content is made available there Nancy continues to explain what the most popular topics are on Learn


Nancy Tandy is a Sr. Business Strategy Manager at Microsoft. Nancy has 20 plus years of integrated marketing management experience including developing marketing strategies, driving product launches, events and large-scale campaigns.  She has been at Microsoft for over 15 plus years.


 Get started at www.microsoft.com/learn

Blogg https://aka.ms/MicrosoftLearnBlog


Chuck Norris and Dad jokes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF6CMwMyNuM