Banking Accelerator with Guro Faller

Guro Faller

Episode 99: Markus Erlandsson talks to Guro Faller about Banking Accelerator and what that accelerator contains. Guro starts by talking about why the accelerator program exists and what benefits we can get from using them. Guro continues to talk about what the banking accelerator is comprised of and what processes it supports, like Know Your Customer, onboarding and referral sharing. The show ends with Markus asking about The Gathering and the Minecraft concert that Guro was involved in and responsible for putting together.


Guro has over ten years’ experience in IT, working in different roles varying from support and applications maintenance, event management, user experience, digital marketing, customer service and everything revolving around CRM-systems; she has for the last 8 years focused her career around CRM and Dynamics platform. Currently working as Solution Architect and Head of CRM in Avanade Norway.


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