Project Operations with Antti Pajunen

Antti Pajunen

Episode 101: Markus Erlandsson talks to Antti Pajunen from Forward Forever about Project Operations and how this new application is a new platform play from Microsoft on the power platform. Antti starts by explaining the product history and what the different areas are today. Antti continues to explain that the project for the web planning tool is in Dataverse and where the different areas play into Dataverse and together form this application, he goes on with explaining how dual write works here and how virtual tables can be leveraged as well. The episode ends with how licenses work and how you really can lower your costs if you plan.


Antti is a Project Operations enthusiast and a CRM guy at heart, Antti loves giving back to the community.


Power Virtual Agent with Emma D’Arcy

Emma D’Arcy

Episode 100: Markus Erlandsson talks to Emma D’Arcy from Hitachi Solutions about Power Virtual Agent and what the newest member of the Power Platform family can do. Emma starts by talking about what it can do and how it connects to Dataverse, what this chatbot can do. Emma continues to explain how she has used it for helping veterans, building a beer bot and choosing your own adventure for children at school lockdown, she continues to explain where you can publish your bot and how you can bring in a human when it fails.


Emma is a Power Platform Expert with over ten years’ experience in the industry with a passion for Sales and Marketing. Originally from Dublin, Ireland – she now resides in Philadelphia with her two cats – Oscar and Lewis.
Sometimes she builds cool bots with Power Virtual Agent


Power Platform Community Conference, where Emma talks about ‘Building a Beer Bot.’

Matt Collins Jones:

Banking Accelerator with Guro Faller

Guro Faller

Episode 99: Markus Erlandsson talks to Guro Faller about Banking Accelerator and what that accelerator contains. Guro starts by talking about why the accelerator program exists and what benefits we can get from using them. Guro continues to talk about what the banking accelerator is comprised of and what processes it supports, like Know Your Customer, onboarding and referral sharing. The show ends with Markus asking about The Gathering and the Minecraft concert that Guro was involved in and responsible for putting together.


Guro has over ten years’ experience in IT, working in different roles varying from support and applications maintenance, event management, user experience, digital marketing, customer service and everything revolving around CRM-systems; she has for the last 8 years focused her career around CRM and Dynamics platform. Currently working as Solution Architect and Head of CRM in Avanade Norway.


Transforming Banking white paper

2021 Release Wave 1

Markus Erlandsson

Episode 98: Markus Erlandsson talks about his favourite parts of 2021 Release wave 1, within the application that he spends most of his time. First its Power apps, and then its Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and then some Canvas Apps to finish it off.


Power Apps

New Relevance Search experience:

Right side form:

App notifications:

Async save event:


Improvements to Pipeline:,

The new right side panel form, again:

Business Insights in calls:

Automation and adaptive sequences:


Scheduling include appointments:

Update closed cases:


AB Testing:

Canvas Apps

Export PDF:

Improved debugging capabilities:

Human Resource with Malin Martnes

Malin Martnes

Episode 97: Markus Erlandsson talks to Malin Martnes from KnowIt about Human Resource and how the old Talent has transformed in Human Resource. Malin starts by explaining how she fell in love with the product and how she started blogging and became the first MVP on the product. Then she explains what got lost in the process from Talent to HR and where some of that has gone today and that the old Attract part now is in LinkedIn Talent Hub. Malin continues by giving her top new features on HR and why this might be the best Release Wave jet.


Malin Martnes works as Head of Dynamics 365 at Knowit Experience AS in Oslo, Norway. In July 2019 Microsoft recognised her contribution to the community with MVP status and in August 2020 she also became a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Malin started working with CRM in 2009 and had become a CRM consultant by 2014. In 2018 she was introduced to Talent, now known as Human Resources… and loved it!

“When I first started the HR solution, I could hardly find any information about it. That’s when I decided to start blogging and holding presentations about this great system. I wanted to help other consultants and companies wanting to learn more about HR.”

One of Malin’s other interests is marketing, she started working with ClickDimensions in 2014 and also now works with Dynamics 365 Marketing. What better way to start exploring the new product that than writing a blog series comparing the two.

Malin’s blog,, focuses on Dynamics 365 Human Resources, Power Platform, ClickDimensions and Dynamics 365 Marketing!


Ana Ines,

Thierry Graulich,

State of Dynamics CRM in 2020 with Jukka Niiranen

Jukka Niiranen
Jukka Niiranen

Episode 96: Markus Erlandsson talks to Jukka Nirranen from Forward Forever about the current state of Dynamics CRM in 2020 and what highlights that has happened in the last three years. Jukka starts with talking about what has happened with Microsoft Teams and how Dataverse is now part of the platform, the second stop is licensing and how volume discounts now apply, last part is the name changes.


Jukka has been working with Microsoft business applications since 2005, starting his career with CRM version 3.0. He’s been blogging about CRM and other business applications topics for over a decade and has been awarded as a Microsoft MVP 8 times for his community contributions. Jukka is one of the co-founders of Forward Forever, a new Finnish company focused 100% on Power Platform based solutions and services.


Center of Excellence with Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Episode 95: Markus Erlandsson talks to Mark Smith about Center of Excellence kit for Power Platform. Mark is also known as nz365guy starts by talking about what you do when you have gotten your first couple of apps up and running on the power platform. The Center of Excellence Starter kit will help you to get insights and Mark explains how and in what ways.


As a Power platform & Dynamics 365 Evangelist, he combines his understanding of business and software applications to demonstrate how technology can assist in digitally transforming organizations.


PowerApps and Teams with Shane Young

Shane Young

Episode 94: Markus Erlandsson talks to Shane Young from PowerApps911 about PowerApps with Teams and what the new Project Oakdale is. Shane starts by talking about how he got started on YouTube and how he now has made 176 videos there, then he continues to explain how his team has moved entirely to Microsoft Teams for their collaboration and how they now leverage Teams with PowerApps. Shane explains what Project Oakdale is and how you can use it to your advantages. Then Shane helps you avoid some common pitfalls and how you can get started with PowerApps in Teams, today.


Shane Young has been a Microsoft MVP for the past 15 years and was named one of the first Power Apps and Flow MVPs. Microsoft has awarded him this for his work speaking at major conferences on their behalf, contributions to their training and documentation, and for his YouTube channel that has almost 44 million minutes of watch time for teaching people Microsoft technologies. He uses his strong relationship with the Power Apps and Power Automate product teams at Microsoft to provide his clients with the best, most up-to-date information, and techniques for their apps. Shane has consulted on apps across the globe, with Antarctica being the only continent not covered. So if you know anyone who needs a polar bear app, please let him know. When Shane is not teaching or consulting, you can find him chasing his very active children all over the city of Cincinnati.


Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence

Shane Young on YouTube

Microsoft Power Platform documentation

Best of 2020 Release Wave 2 with Dian Taylor

Dian Taylor

Episode 93: Markus Erlandsson talks to Dian Taylor from RSM about the upcoming 2020 release wave 2. Dian starts with talking about news in Field Service, then continues to Power Plattform, Sales, then finally ends with a recommendation to move to Unified Interface now, otherwise, you are missing out.


Dian Taylor is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and Dynamics 365 CE Presales Director at RSM. She is a seasoned pre-sales and implementation consultant specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement since 2011. Dian has been involved in solution designing, implementing, configuring and customizing several complex scenarios in various industry sectors. She has the unique ability to clarify CRM strategies and objectives: modeling and optimizing business processes, defining user requirements, designing fit for purpose and cost effective CRM solutions.  D365-CE modules: Sales, Custer Service, Marketing, Field Service, Project Service Automation, & Omni channel. Dian also works with Power Platform components like Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, etc.


PCF in 2020 with Scott Durow

Scott Durow

Episode 92: Markus Erlandsson talks to Scott Durow from Develop1 about PowerApps Component Framework and how it has developed into what is today in 2020. Scott explains what types of Components there are with Field and Dataset and how it fits together with React, Fluent UI, TypeScript. Scott continues to explain how he has used PCF in his recent projects, and how he built them and how PCF is the answer to all of his prayers.


Scott is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP specializing in Dynamics 365. He is a committed and passionate software architect & technologist. Scott is a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and abroad. His software career spans more than 20 years where he has moved from assembly language device driver programming, industrial control software and then into enterprise business applications.
Scott is the author of the Ribbon Workbench for Dynamics CRM/365. He is also the principle author of SparkleXRM, the open-source Rich Client library for Dynamics CRM. He lives near Oxford in the UK with his wife, Kerrie, and three children.


Examples in github:

Soctt Durow on YouTube:, 24 Oct 2020

Powerthon – Power Platform Developer PCF Saturday
Day 1
where Scott comes in:

Day 2