Portals with Chris Mahanes

Episode 70: Markus Erlandsson talks to Chris Mahanes from Provance about portals. Chris explains what a portal is and that you probably already pay for one. He continues to talk about why should use it what is the difference between a Partner, Employee, Customer, Custom Portals. Both online and on-premise works, how to do multi-lingual and how to work with Sharepoint documents and PowerBi Visuals inside Portals.

Chris is a Technical Solution Specialist and UX Lead for Provance Technologies who has recently been awarded the 2018/2019 Microsoft Inner Circle and Platform Partner of the Year Awards. Provance Technologies is an ISV that has built an IT Service Management Solution on Dynamics 365. Chris is all about helping customers achieve the most out of their Microsoft investments from Dynamics 365, Microsoft Portals, Flow, to PowerBI.