KPI and Analytics with Power BI with Ulrik Carlsson

Ulrik CarlssonEpisode 52: Markus Erlandsson talks to Ulrik Calrsson (CRMChartGuy) from Elev8 Solutions about KPI and Analytics with Power BI, the conversation starts with what is the “power” on Power BI, and some pitfalls to avoid

Ulrik is from Denmark and has been living in San Francisco for just over 6 years and has been working with Dynamics for 12 years and counting. Since version 1.2 and with CRM systems in general for 17+ years. He is now a Sr. Solution Architect with Elev8 Solutions with a passion for visualizing data and getting the most knowledge and insights out of it. Been writing on CRMChartGuy for just over 4 years and did the first Dynamics 365 trainings in Africa and the Middle East

He has done a number of Business Intelligence and Power BI classes for Microsoft including eXtreme 365 where he got voted best speaker on the technical track

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