PCF in 2023 with Diana Birkelbach

Diana Birkelbach

Episode 127: Markus Erlandsson and Heidi Neuhauser engage in a discussion with Diana Birkelbach from Orbis regarding what is new in PCF. Diana provides insights into the evolution of PCFs lately and how they have changed towards the better, she then continues to go through the different variants to help us understand.


Diana Birkelbach is a Microsoft Business Application MVP from Germany. She works as a Principal Software Architect at ORBIS SE. She has over 20 years of experience in web development, working with Dynamics 365 right from the beginning (back then Microsoft CRM v1.2). She is focused on the ProDev aspects of the Power Platform, being enthusiastic about Power Apps Component Framework (PCF) development. You can call her PCFLady.
Find her answering questions in the “Power Apps Pro Dev & ISV” Forum, blogging on her “Dianamics” blog site (dianabirkelbach.wordpress.com), sharing videos on YouTube (/youtube.com/@pcflady), and sharing PCF controls on https://pcf.gallery/.