Copilot for Power Platform and D365 with Lisa Crosbie

Lisa Crosbie

Episode 126: Markus Erlandsson and Heidi Neuhauser engage in a discussion with Lisa Crosbie from Barhead Solutions regarding the upcoming Copilot for Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Lisa provides insights into the evolution of AI features within the platform and where they show up, she then continues to talk about where the copilot can be the most useful for both makers and users.


Lisa Crosbie is known for her contagious enthusiasm for low code technology, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365, and helping people understand what’s possible in business applications.

Lisa started as a Dynamics 365 customer and business user who tortured Excel, and now works as a Tech Evangelist at Barhead Solutions, where she runs envisioning workshops, ideation sessions, and demos, helping customers map the right technology to their business problems, get the most out of what they’ve paid for, and plan their technology roadmaps.

Lisa has received the ARN Innovation Award for Technical Excellence and the ARN Women in ICT Award – Technical category. She is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and LinkedIn Learning Instructor, and has a popular YouTube channel that helps people get started with Microsoft Business Applications. She is an international speaker at Microsoft and community events.