Copilot for Power Platform and D365 with Lisa Crosbie

Lisa Crosbie

Episode 126: Markus Erlandsson and Heidi Neuhauser engage in a discussion with Lisa Crosbie from Barhead Solutions regarding the upcoming Copilot for Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Lisa provides insights into the evolution of AI features within the platform and where they show up, she then continues to talk about where the copilot can be the most useful for both makers and users.


Lisa Crosbie is known for her contagious enthusiasm for low code technology, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365, and helping people understand what’s possible in business applications.

Lisa started as a Dynamics 365 customer and business user who tortured Excel, and now works as a Tech Evangelist at Barhead Solutions, where she runs envisioning workshops, ideation sessions, and demos, helping customers map the right technology to their business problems, get the most out of what they’ve paid for, and plan their technology roadmaps.

Lisa has received the ARN Innovation Award for Technical Excellence and the ARN Women in ICT Award – Technical category. She is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and LinkedIn Learning Instructor, and has a popular YouTube channel that helps people get started with Microsoft Business Applications. She is an international speaker at Microsoft and community events.


AI on the Power Platform with Sheila Shahpari

Sheila Shahpari

Episode 89: Markus Erlandsson talks to Sheila Shahpari from Paritta Group about AI on the Power Platform and how she uses AI in her daily work to improve the customer experience. Sheila starts with explaining what AI means and then continues into the Power Platform and how it is used there, from AI Builder to stepping outside Business Applications using Cognitive services and empower your solution with azure machine learning studio.


Sheila Shahpari is a software engineer and Microsoft Business Applications MVP who currently serves as Chief Technology Officer of Paritta Group, a digital agency specialized in Customer and Employee experience solutions. She has served in many roles within the professional services industry starting her career as a programmer and software development consultant. Sheila also provides technical guidance and services to start-ups in the AI and business application space. She specializes in Enterprise Architecture, Delivery Leadership, Capability Development, CRM, Enterprise Search, AI, and Software Development. In her spare time, she is active in numerous technical communities, and is involved with various nonprofits. In addition, she is an active runner and musician (though not at the same time), and is currently attempting the title of whiskey connoisseur. 


Customer Service Insights with Tessa Kloster

Tessa Kloster

Episode 78: Markus Erlandsson talks to Tessa Kloster from Microsoft, Tessa starts by explaining what the product does on a high level, then continue to describe what AI-driven topic clustering is and how you can influence that. Then the discussion goes into Customer Satisfaction Score and how that is used. Tessa then explains the KPI dashboard and how you can use that to then drill through to your data. Then Tessa explains that it’s available in all regions and can work with English data, where to find it, what is the licensing model and the road map for the future.


Group Program Manager for Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights, been in the group that is now called business applications in the last seven years.


Dynamics 365 AI with Nick Fratello

Episode 73: Markus Erlandsson talks to Nick Fratello from Microsoft about Dynamics 365 AI. Where Nick explains what Ai within Dynamics 365 is and how you can use AI to work smarter. Nick goes through the AI for Sales and what Relationship analytics, Predictive lead scoring, Predictive opportunity scoring, Notes analysis, Talking points, Who-knows-whom is all about.


Nick Fratello has 20+ years of experience in technology-enabled services, sales operations, and business management within successful IPO startups and Fortune 100 technology companies. He has lead business development, technology delivery, and client engagement functions in complex sales environments at StorageNetworks