Code Reviewing and Refactoring with Daryl LaBar

Daryl Labar Episode 61: Markus Erlandsson talks to Daryl LaBar from PowerObjects about Code Reviewing and Refactoring. Daryl explains what a code review is, why you should do it what the benefits are and how to get going.

Daryl is a 2 time CRM MVP with over 7 years of Consulting experience with CRM Development. He is very active in the open source community. He contributes to the XrmToolBox ( on a regular basis, is the creator of the XTB plugins “Early Bound Generator” and “Attribute Manager”, and also helps maintain the DefinitelyTyped TypeScript definition files. Daryl is also the creator of XrmUnitTest, an opensource C# Xrm Unit Testing / Framework Library, and a top Stack Overflow contributor for Crm related Tags. In addition Daryl works with fellow MVPs Julie Yack, David Yack, and Colin Vermander to maintain and advance the XrmVirtual User Group, as a Presenter, Host, and Twitter curator.

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