Building XrmToolBox Plugins with Carl Cookson

Carl Cookson

Episode 137: Markus Erlandsson and Malin Martnes chatted with Carl Cookson about the plugins he made for XrmToolBox. Carl has written 7 plugins and contributed to two others. Carl starts by explaining what XrmToolBox helps with and how he has written multiple plugins.


As a driven, proven Solution Architect, I provide platforms and solutions to enterprises and large organisations. Passion and commitment to Microsoft technologies lead to the best possible digital solutions for clients driven by an engaged team.

With a history in pre-sales and delivery of large solutions, I take pride in building relationships with all stakeholders, internal and external. This has led to innovative approaches to driving digital transformation across multiple customers and industries.

My end goal is to make everyone’s life easier and ensure everyone has time to think about their customers needs rather than administrative tasks.
A Microsoft MVP for Business Applications since 2020 with a passion for evangelising and problem-solving across the Power Platform and creating tools to reduce the time spent on administration or reporting.

Building FetchXML Builder with Jonas Rapp

Episode 57: Markus Erlandsson talks to Jonas Rapp from Innofactor about Building FetchXML Builder and how you can use it for your own benefits. Jonas starts with describing what XrmToolBox is and how he uses that and the spin-off connector in his work. Then Jonas describes what FetchXML Builder is and what powers it brings, how to build your own XrmToolBox plugin. Then as usual with great powers comes great responsibilities.


Jonas has been a Software developer since 1994 and has been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2009.

He is a XrmToolBox contributor since 2014 and author of FetchXML Builder and Plugin Trace Viewer for XrmToolBox, and Shuffle based tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 DevOps. Jonas continues to deliver value adding open source tools for the Dynamics 365 platform, with the Auto Number Manager as the latest addition,

He has been speaking at CRM Saturday and eXtreme365.