Dynamics CRM vs SalesForce.com

Leon-TribeEpisode 6: Markus Erlandsson talks to Leon Tribe about Dynamics CRM vs SalesForce.com. The discussion goes through Strategic, Technical, Mobile and Social angles.

Salesforce: The Unloved Company
Microsoft: Giving it the Salesforce Treatment

Community Resources

Donna Edwards Episode 5: Markus Erlandsson talks to Donna Edwards about community resources, the discussion goes through a list of sites that comprises the CRM Community.

Link List
MS CRM Team Blog, Community Site, CRM MSDN, CRM MSDN Forums, Customer Source / Partner Source, Microsoft Partner Network, LinkedIn Group SearchDonna Edwards Twitter, Microsoft Dynamcics CRM Facebook page, CRM UG

JavaScript in Dynamics CRM

Mitch MilamEpisode 4: Markus Erlandsson talks to Mitch Milam about developing JavaScript for Dynamics CRM. The Discussion stats with what’s new in CRM 2013, then moves on to how do you get started if you are new to Dynamics CRM. How to decide between asynchronous and synchronous calls. Then end the discussion with some best practice tips.


Mitch Blog:

His books:
CRM Deep Dive: Security, The CRM Field Guide

Zag: A day in the life of a unicorn


CRM 2011 Web Resource Linker/Publisher

CRM Solution Manager

Export CRM 2011 Web Resources

CRM 2013 User Interface changes

Episode 2: Markus Erlandsson talks with Jukka Niiranen about user interface changes. The discussion moves on to the new processes types Business Process flows and Actions, to then discuss the new Business Rules.

Tool support in Dynamics CRM

Episode 1: Markus Erlandsson talks to Gustaf Westerlund from CRM-Konsulterna about the existing and lacking tool support from Microsoft.