Workflow and Business Process Flow with Sara Airgood

Sara AirgoodEpisode 58: Markus Erlandsson talks to Sara Airgood from Digital Management about Worklow and Business Process Flow and how they can be combined to increase your productivity. Sara starts with talking about Workflow and how that works and how to create your own workflows. Then she describes how workflow can automate your Business Process Flows and avoid any unnecessary manual steps.

Sara Airgood is a Dynamics Consultant and Business Analyst with a passion for CRM. Working with all versions of the product since 4.0 over the past 7 years, she has enjoyed witnessing and participating in the evolution of Dynamics CRM/xRM/365. She finds configuration-only solutions when possible to meet requirements.

xRMVirtual User Group meeting with Sara Airgood

Business Process Flows in CRM 2013

Carsten Groth
Marks talks to Carsten Groth about Bussiness Process Flows inside Dynamics CRM 2013, what to do and what not to do.

Carsten’s blog

CRM 2013 User Interface changes

Episode 2: Markus Erlandsson talks with Jukka Niiranen about user interface changes. The discussion moves on to the new processes types Business Process flows and Actions, to then discuss the new Business Rules.