Partner Talk with Rick McCutcheon

Rick McCutcheon
Rick McCutcheon

Episode 119: Markus Erlandsson talks to Rick McCutcheon from Full Contact Selling about Partner Talk. Rick starts by explaining what a good partner is, both to customers and to Microsoft and how you can become a good partner yourself. The discussion continues with Microsoft Partner Program and then to Independent Software Vendors and how they can use partner-to-partner relationships to their benefit. Rick explains his LinkedIn strategy and how you can get started with your partner journey.


Rick has been involved with the CRM industry for over 20 years as a Company Founder, Senior Executive, Reseller, Board Member, Educator and Professional Speaker. He currently leads a Social Selling and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Educational Practice. Partners. My side hustle is working with several Regional Innovation Centres helping early stage B2B startups accelerate their business.