Security horror stories with Kylie Kiser

Kylie Kiser

Episode 111: Markus Erlandsson and Heidi Neuhauser have a chat with Kylie Kiser from Hitachi. They discuss what kind of security horror stories all three of them has experienced. Kylie shares the story of sharing and how it did impact performance, Heidi shares the story about creating a new security role, and they all discuss if backs, Data Loss Prevention or conditional access can help.


Kylie Kiser is a Power Platform enthusiast who has been working with Microsoft technologies for over 10 years. She is passionate about the community and shows this through blogging, presenting, and hosting events. She leads a thriving user group based in Washington, DC. Kylie is also a three-time Microsoft Business Applications MVP!


Power 24, security:

Dynamics con:

Modernized Business Units in Microsoft Dataverse

Team security Inheritance

Old Behavior:

New Behavior:

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Modelling Security in Dynamics CRM

Elaiza Benitez

Episode 26: Markus Erlandsson talks to Elaiza Benitez from Myriad IT about Modelling Security in Dynamics CRM. What are all the options and what can you do your self?

Elizas vlogg explaining Hierarchy Security and corresponding blog post