State of Dynamics CRM in 2015 with Jukka Niiranen

Jukka Niiranen
Episode 33: Markus Erlandsson talks to Jukka Niiranen from Digital Illustrated about the state of Dynamics CRM in 2015. Starting with looking backwards on all that happened. Then looking into the future with CRM 2016.

State of Dynamics CRM 2015 blog post

Jukka’s links:
MVP Page, LinkedIn, Surviving CRM Blog

What’s new in Dynamics CRM 2015

Episode 22: Markus Erlandsson talks to Gretchen Opferkew and Tad Thompson from PowerObjects about new in Dynamics CRM 2015. The discussion starts with what Gretchen and Tad are looking forward to. The number of codeless features in Dynamics CRM grows and how the upgrade path is.
Gretchen Opferkew

Tad Thompson