Building an ISV with John Gravely

John Gravely
John Gravely

Markus Erlandsson talks to John Gravely from SalesSpark about how John has managed to build and sell two international ISVs and now has started his third. John explains what he thinks is important when looking for an idea in the CRM space, then John continues to explain how to build his team and what values are important. How to attract talent and build a support organisation and use Microsoft Partner to your benefits.


John is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SalesSpark with overall responsibility for sales and marketing. SalesSpark is John’s 3rd startup in the Dynamics 365 CRM space. John was previously the founder and CEO of ClickDimensions, a provider of marketing automation solutions for Dynamics 365. John founded ClickDimensions in 2010 and lead the company through three years on the INC 500 (2015 – 2017) before selling to private equity firm Accel KKR. Prior to ClickDimensions, John founded and lead c360 Solutions, a provider of add-on solutions in the early days of Dynamics CRM. John sold c360 to a public company (China Dot Com) in 2006.


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